Manx Embroiderers & Stitchers

    Workshop Booking Form 2023/2024

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: Bookings may be subject to cancellation or postponement at short notice if a ban on indoor gatherings is re-instated by the Isle of Man Government.  If restrictive measures short of an outright ban are introduced, then the Manx Embroiderers & Stitchers will comply with all such measures AND review the situation to ensure that it is still feasible to host the workshop with the restrictions.

16th September 2023     Postcard Swap (Group Project)                                                                                                                 £7.00

The group project for this year is to stitch a postcard-sized piece.  The ‘postcards’ will be swapped at the Christmas party in December as a ‘Secret Santa’.

21st October 2023           Sew a Luna Lapin Rabbit.                                                                                                                           £15.00

Participants on this workshop will cut out and hand sew a Luna Lapin Rabbit made of felt.

18th November 2023     Introduction to Crazy Patchwork.                                                                                                               £15.00

Participants on this workshop will learn the basic principles of hand stitching crazy patchwork and then work on their own unique piece.

2nd December 2023          Christmas Party                                                                                                                                            No Charge

Make a simple bell decoration whilst enjoying food, friendship and Christmas cheer.


20th January 2024          Looking Forward / Looking Back.                                                                                                                £7.00

This untutored workshop will give participants the opportunity to either work on a small project to be completed in the day or to continue working on individual projects from previous workshops.

17th February 2024          Weaving a Mini-Tapestry                                                                                                                               £15.00

Participants on this workshop will learn the basics of tapestry weaving in order to produce a small tapestry. This could be complete in itself or have additions such as stitches or found objects.

16th March 2024          Making a Sewing Organiser                                                                                                                            £15.00

Participants on this workshop will use a sewing machine to stitch an organiser to carry sewing tools and accessories.  

20th April 2024          Stitching with Wool                                                                                                                                          £15.00

This workshop will explore a range of stitching techniques that are suitable for working in various wool threads.

17th May 2024          Composite Stitches                                                                                                                                         £15.00  

This workshop will explore hand sewing composite stitching.  Participants will have the opportunity to produce a piece incorporating a range of these stitches.  

29th & 30th June 2024      A Little Strip of Leaves                                                                                                                      [Fee to be confirmed]

Visiting tutor Amanda Clayton will lead a two-day workshop which includes all her signature techniques of inlay applique, trailing, cut work, applique, needle darning and applique. This has limitless techniques taught in neutrals.  As it is hand stitch it is very calming and good for the soul!

13th July 2024           TBC – Afternoon Tea &/or Charity Day

Details of the day will be confirmed at a later date.

14th September 2024     Pulled Threadwork & Blackwork – a Winning Combination                                                           [Fee to be confirmed]               

Visiting tutor Liz Almond will instruct participants in the two hand-stitching techniques of blackwork and pulled threadwork.  Kits will be provided.               


Please enclose an individual cheque for each workshop with the date of the workshop NOT the date the cheque is written.  Cheques should be made payable to the Manx Embroiderers & Stitchers. Send the booking form and cheques to Janet Williams, Workshop Secretary, 16 Hollin Lane, Tromode Woods, IM4 4TR

Here are the banking details if you wish to pay for workshop(s) by Bank Transfer:


Lloyds Bank

A/c Name – Manx Embroiderers & Stitchers

Sort Code 30-12-80

Account No 46721668

When arranging the payment by bank transfer, include your name and the name of the workshop(s) as reference. Please also send the booking form to Janet Williams with a note of the date that the bank transfer was made.  

Summer Workshops (Sept., Oct, & March – July) run from 10am to 4pm including a lunch break.  

Winter workshops (Nov – Feb) are slightly shorter, from about 11.15 – 4pm.