Workshop on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th June 2024 at the Braaid Hall

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“A little strip of leaves”

Amanda Clayton

You will require as your ground to work on throughout the workshop a piece of silk organza in white or ivory about 15cm x 1m.  This can be pieced together as you go along if you want from smaller pieces.

Besides the cloth for this strip you will need:

Pieces of neutral cloth about 15cm x 15cm or smaller which may include some of the following qualities:

Silk crepeline, organza, habotai, silk tulle, sateen, wool, dupion, velvet, lawn…..anything you have.

These again can be pieced together to make the size you want.  A small bag of found white fragments of cloth if you wish to make your work more personal such as lace, damask, hankies etc.

Different qualities of white / neutral thread:

(I bring 15 different types of thread for you to use at no charge). I will bring small quantities

40 x 40 cm to purchase of the above cloth suggestions, (price depends on quality), and some organza strips 15cm x 1m which will be priced at £3.50. Also a pack of 14 qualities of neutral cloth 10cm x 10 cm priced at £10.

A small tambour frame if you like to work on one.

Small embroidery scissors.  Needles and pins.

A water or air erasable pen for cloth.

A favourite leaf shape if you have one (optional)

A portable light.  A camera, both optional.

Notebook / pencil

Please don’t go and buy loads of stuff, it should fit into a shopping basket quite nicely. We can manage on very little.